141018 SM Town Concert @ Shanghai

That’s such a misleading fancam name because what I saw wasn’t “Lonely No More Lay”. What I saw was a mixture of loneliness and sadness in the Lay without Luhan. What I saw was Lay trying hard to smile for his fans. What I saw was even Donghae couldn’t cheer Lay up. What I saw was Lay couldn’t keep his head up and couldn’t stick to anyone in the sea of people. What I saw was emptiness depicted in the last gif. 

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Like a boss, Kris. LIKE A BOSS.

Hello, this is just Luhan ruining your bias list.

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i don’t know and i don’t care what you think about that instagram post of tao, i only see one thing is that tao loves EXO so much that in his eyes, EXO members are like the stars, the diamond, the stunning things that shine the brightest

and also, everything around him reminds him of EXO, EXO is his dream, his priority, a part of his life, there’s nothing with him wishing EXO will be together forever

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chanbaek on lotte peppero cf *u*

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boy of the clouds


spoiler: jongdae is actually not as cool irl


exo-k - pepero cf

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